Long-Term Rehab

long term rehabFor many addicts, a rehabilitation program that is only 90 days or so simply isn’t long enough to provide adequate time to heal. Those who have tried inpatient rehabilitation programs and have relapsed time and time again may just need more time in a structured environment to get their lives back on track. Long term rehab programs provide patients with an extended time in treatment that makes for a greater chance at successful recovery—especially for those who have tried other rehabilitation programs and have continued to relapse along the way.

Long term rehab programs are usually at least six months and in many cases, the counseling & therapy will continue for a patient for a period of one year or more in this method of rehabilitation. These programs are not for the individual who is mildly addicted to a particular substance or who has had minor problems with a certain compulsive behavior. Long term rehab programs are the chosen method of treatment for the addict who has tried other methods and has had no success.

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Benefits of Long Term Rehab

Many rehab programs are only 90 days, some are slightly more and some slightly less. For an individual who is addicted to alcohol and has been for many years, it could take 90 days or more just to overcome physical withdrawal symptoms. This would leave essentially no time for counseling and therapeutic care or behavioral therapy to promote positive change. The end result—the individual is released from rehab still very much a victim of the alcohol addiction and the chances of relapse are extremely high.

Long term rehab provides a better solution. First, the addict will have as much time as necessary to overcome physical dependence. This may take a couple of weeks or a few months. Following the time period of detox and getting past the physical aspects of the addiction, the addict will transition into psychiatric counseling and behavioral therapy to promote positive change. This therapy may take place of many months but will typically take place over a period of no less than 4-6 months.

The end result—the patient who attends long term rehab is given adequate time to really change their behaviors, heal on a physical and psychological level and be released back into society a changed individual. Long term rehab is the most effective method of treatment for anyone who has tried alternative methods and has continued to relapse along the way despite their efforts to stay sober or to stop compulsive behaviors.

Who Can Long Term Rehab Help?

Long term rehab is not for everyone. As previously stated, this is a highly intense, long term method of treatment that is most well suited for those who have had little success in other treatment attempts. Severe substance abuse problems, life-long compulsive behaviors or addictions that have proven highly difficult to treat are well treated in a long term rehabilitation program.

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